Developer nodes

The following base classes are useful if writing new nodes:

node.Node(*parents[, dims, plates, name, …]) Base class for all nodes.
stochastic.Stochastic(*args[, initialize, dims]) Base class for nodes that are stochastic.
expfamily.ExponentialFamily(*args, **kwargs) A base class for nodes using natural parameterization phi.
deterministic.Deterministic(*args, **kwargs) Base class for deterministic nodes.

The following nodes are examples of special nodes that remain hidden for the user although they are often implicitly used:

constant.Constant(moments, x, **kwargs) Node for presenting constant values.
gaussian.GaussianToGaussianGamma(X, **kwargs) Converter for Gaussian moments to Gaussian-gamma isotropic moments
gaussian.WrapToGaussianGamma(X, alpha[, ndim])
gaussian.WrapToGaussianWishart(X, Lambda[, ndim]) Wraps Gaussian and Wishart nodes into a Gaussian-Wishart node.